📔About Aggregator

Introducing Plutoswap aggregator, the cutting-edge DEX aggregator powered by advanced AI. Plutoswap's AI Dex Aggregator is a revolutionary software application designed to provide users with a comprehensive and insightful overview of the cryptocurrency market, facilitating more informed trading decisions.

This intelligent system identifies market trends, patterns, and valuable insights that can significantly benefit traders. Beyond analysis, the AI Dex Aggregator can execute trades on behalf of users based on its comprehensive analysis or offer recommendations and alerts to enhance trading strategies.

At the core of Plutoswap, a powerful mechanism that aims to optimize swap returns by scanning multiple liquidity provider markets. Utilizing trade splitting and multi-hop features, Plutoswap identifies the best route for optimal returns. The protocol interacts with various automated market makers (AMMs), creating new paths by dividing and independently evaluating each route to maximize output while maintaining balance in liquidity pools.

One distinctive feature of Plutoswap is its ability to compare prices between markets on different DEXes and discover the best-priced routes through indirect markets. By employing non-traditional methods.

With Plutoswap's AI Dex Aggregator, users can navigate the cryptocurrency market with confidence, leveraging advanced AI technology to make optimal trading decisions and maximize returns. Welcome to the future of decentralized exchange aggregation with Plutoswap.

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